‘Inside Fortress Europe’:  Details and Acclaim


In this page we present brief details of Inside Fortress Europe: Strategies for the Single Market, taken directly from its back cover. The book was well-received by both academics and practitioners and we provide one example from academia of this acclaim.




From the back cover
The European business environment is undergoing rapid change, exposing strategic weaknesses and challenging management skills. Inside Fortress Europe: Strategies for the Single Market examines how non-European firms have developed strategies to compete successfully in this volatile European market. It describes the opportunities of the new Europe and suggests ways of grasping these opportunities. This book is essential reading for anyone wishing to identify the most profitable business strategies for the European Single Market.

Inside Fortress Europe: Strategies for the Single Market… 

    • Analyses key drivers of change and essential responses
    • Explores a range of successful business strategies for Europe
    • Examines future European business scenarios
    • Provides detailed case studies of major US and Japanese companies in Europe

Academics who teach economics and business studies can easily become outdated in areas outside their own research. We also prefer to slot events into preferred paradigms and set aside those facts and developments which threaten our traditional modes of thinking. Here we have an up-to-date work with a balanced approach which can be quickly absorbed and is packed with insights into the practice of modern multinationals, particularly Japanese concerns. The authors write from a strong belief in classical liberal economics, and from this a belief in free trade. In this Smithsonian tradition the sceptre of protectionism is ever-present… For the busy manager here is a book worth the trouble of reading.
Dr. Roger Fox, University of Greenwich, UK, in Times Higher Education Supplement.


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