Colin Edward Egan (2018)
Strategic Marketing and Global Brand Management
Rugby: Strategic Management Think Tank

Book Description
In recent years the rise of global competition, the emergence of new technologies and the prevalence of continuous innovation have combined to redefine the external business environment for most companies. These market dynamics have given customers unprecedented value and choice. In such conditions of consumer sovereignty companies must develop a sharp strategic focus and bring marketing to the fore in their organizations.

It has been proven that an approach built upon the creation and implementation of effective marketing strategies can considerably improve business performance and profitability. When combined with a structured and systematic strategic marketing planning system, organizations can proactively shape the business environment in which they compete, despite the complexities and turbulence of this increasingly ‘hostile’ external world.

In this BiteSized Fortress Europe Volume we also explore the nature and meaning of brands and examine the role of brand management in driving profitable growth and contributing towards stakeholder value, i.e., consumers, channel partners, employees, suppliers etc. Creating effective Value Propositions which, along with effective Marketing Communications, provides the foundations of strategic brand management. The principles of branding are well understood and thoroughly documented in the academic literature. However, in many cases the practice of brand management is often poorly executed. To address this, we introduce and demonstrate the frameworks, processes and tools which underpin world-class brand management competencies and organizational capability.

Each Volume of the BiteSized Fortress Europe Series has an extended EndNote which supports the main text and focuses on one dimension of the globalization of markets and global business strategy. The EndNote to this Volume presents an essay focusing upon the interface between a company and its external environment. Risk and uncertainty permeate all functional aspects of corporate activities and they share a direct relationship with the dynamic nature of the global business environment. The developing pace of such environmental change along with the increasing size and complexity of the contemporary corporation has given a high profile to the importance of accounting for risk amongst senior management, particularly in the strategic area of corporate planning. In Volumes Four and Five of the BiteSized Fortress Europe Series we take as our starting point the understanding of a company’s business environment for the design and implementation of global business strategy. In this EndNote Essay we address the complexity of what, on the surface, appears to be a relatively straightforward management task.



1.       Introducing Strategic Marketing Management
2.      Defining Strategic Marketing Management
3.      Strategic Marketing Management: Art or Science?
4.      Customer Value, Generic Strategies and Price Implications
5.      Exploring the Principles of the Market Segmentation Process
6.      The Strategic Marketing Mix
7.      Standardisation versus Adaptation in the International Marketing Mix: Complexity and Nuance
8.      Characteristics of an Effective Strategic Marketing Mix
10.    Global Customer Marketing Strategies
11.     Segmenting Global Markets
12.     Introducing Global Brand Management
13.     Brands: Something Old, Something New, Something Bought
14.     The Challenges of Global Brand Management
15.     The Product and the Brand
16.     The Economics of the Brand
17.     Global Brand Management in Practice
18.     Total Brand Management
19.     Country-of-Origin Reputation and Global Brand Management Implications
20.    The Characteristics of Effective Global Brand Management and Positioning

EndNote Essay. Risk, Uncertainty and the Strategy Challenge

Volume Three References


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